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    Göteborg International Organ Festival October 9-18, 2020

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    Göteborg International Organ Festival, October 9-18, 2020


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  • Göteborg International Organ Festival

    October 9-18, 2020

    Art and Music in Times of Crisis


    A Tribute to Torsten Nilsson (1920–1999)

    The North German Baroque Organ in Örgryte New Church 20 years

    The Restored Lundén Organ (1909) in Vasa Church

    The Youth Organ Festival

    Early Music | Workshops | New Music




    A Rich Twelve Day Organ Experience in

    A World of Tactile Passion and New Sounds - for All!


    The Festival Theme is

    Art and Music in Times of Crisis


    Welcome to the Göteborg International Organ Festival (GIOF), October 9–18, 2020, to a world of tactile passion and new sounds for all ages, and to a rich twelve-day organ experience in a time of crisis. The festival has as its main theme “Art and Music in Times of Crisis” It focuses on aspects of emblems, symbolism and storytelling in music and instrument building, and on two of the city’s organs: the unique North German Baroque Organ in Örgryte New Church, celebrating its twentieth anniversary, and the recently restored Lundén organ of 1909 in Vasa Church.


    The festival’s main theme, “Art and Music in Times of Crisis” will be particularly in focus during the first weekend. It is primarily this theme that will be in focus during the first weekend (October 9-11), which will take place at Örgryte New Church and its parish hall. Several concerts are featured here, including Matthias Weckman’s sacred concertos from 1663 (composed when the plague descended on Hamburg and more than half of the citizens died), Hildegard von Bingen’s Ordo Virtutum, Organ and Dance concerts, Improvisation and Hymn Festival concerts, and a two-day program with a multitude of mini-recitals (vocal and instrumental), lectures and panel discussions on various aspects of music and art in times of crisis presented by international guests as well as artists, musicians, authors, and actors from West Sweden.


    During the festival weekdays, we celebrate the Swedish organist and composer, Torsten Nilsson (1920–1999), and offer ten workshops on various themes:



    Monday 12 October – Wednesday 14 October


    1. Simple Solace: exploring the power of monodies in the medieval repertoire”;
    repertoire and improvisation for organetto

    Catalina Vicens


    2. Organ works by Buxtehude

    Bine Bryndorf


    3. Bach for claviorganum

    Edoardo Bellotti


    4. Hymn playing and improvisation

    Sietze de Vries


    5. Organ and historical keyboards for pianists

    Ulrika Davidsson



    Thursday 15 October – Friday 16 October


    6. Improvisation and partimento

    Edoardo Bellotti


    7. Music by Torsten Nilsson and his contemporaries

    Hans Hellsten


    8. The alchemy of organ sound: composing the organ’s sound through improvisation

    Thomas Lacôte


    9. Music and health

    Kimberly Marshall


    10. Organ transcriptions

    Nathan Laube


    Lecture demonstrations on different topics include

    Muffat’s Apparatus Musico-Organisticus

    Joel Speerstra


    Organ works by Thomas Lacôte

    Thomas Lacôte and Karol Mossakowski


    The music of Torsten Nilsson

    Hans Hellsten


    The Youth Organ Festival

    takes place October 13–16, featuring organ building workshops in collaboration with Orgelkids SE, new organ fairy tales, programs for children and youth, and concerts. Programme held in Swedish.


    The Church Musicians' Day

    On Monday, October 12, an opportunity for church musicians and organists to gather for inspiration and further education and training is organized in collaboration with the dioceses of Gothenburg and Skara. Programme held in Swedish.


    The Lundén Organ (1909) in Vasa Church

    The second weekend features the magnificent Lundén organ at Vasa Church. Also new music will be presented, with premier performances of works for organ solo, organ and other instruments, and organ and live electronics, including the release of a new CD with Anna von Hausswolff. On Saturday, October 17, the recent restorative renovation of the Lundén organ, carried out by Rieger Orgelbau, Schwarzach, Austria, will be celebrated with a one-day interdisciplinary symposium. Several of the contributions will address the background and history of this unique specimen of Swedish late-romantic organ building, as well as musical, architectural and antiquarian perspectives on the organ, Vasa Church, and the restoration project. In addition, the instrument will be put in a broader international context of early twentieth-century developments in organ building, organ (including liturgical) playing, organ composition, church music theology, and general musical life. Special attention will be given to two leading music personalities in Gothenburg at the time of the building of Vasa Church and its organ: Fredrik Hjort (1868–1941), the first organist of Vasa Church, and Elfrida Andrée (1841–1929), organist of Gothenburg Cathedral.


    The New Concert Hall Organ in Göteborg

    During the second weekend, the ongoing installation of the new organ for the Gothenburg Concert Hall, built by Rieger Orgelbau, assisted by a reference group consisting of Bine Bryndorf, Hans-Ola Ericsson, Magnus Kjellson, Nathan Laube, Koos van de Linde, Karin Nelson, Joris Verdin, Paul Peeters, and Hans Davidsson, will be presented and a visit for a limited number of participants organized. The new concert hall organ will be inaugurated in the Göteborg International Organ Festival 2021.



    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of physically present attendees, including both audience members and participants, at all events in the Festival will be limited in accordance with the social distancing regulations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden (currently a maximum of 50 people). Most events, however, will also be live streamed.


    Welcome to join us for a rich twelve-day organ experience in October, the Göteborg International Organ Festival 2020, whether on site or through the live-streaming of most of the concerts and the many other events on www.organacademy.se.


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    Edoardo Bellotti, Bine Bryndorf, Hans Fidom, Hans Hellsten, Anna von Hausswolff, Nathan Laube, Karin Nelson, Thomas Lacôte, Johannes Landgren, Kimberly Marshall, Karol Mossakowski, Ligita Sneibe, Joel Speerstra, Catalina Vicens, Sietze de Vries, Gageego!, Göteborg Baroque and Magnus Kjellson, Schola Gothia and Ulrike Heider, Helena Ek, Anna Maria Friman, Karl Peter Eriksson, Gabriel Davidsson, Amanda Flodin, Nathalie Nordquist, Israel Aloni, Ildance, the Dance Company Spinn, Davidsson Organ and Dance Collaborative, David Karlsson, Karin Brygger, Daniel Stighäll, Per Högberg, Jan H. Börjesson, Karin Nordström, Anders Jarlert, Eva Öhrström, Peter Peitsalo, Paul Peeters, Mattias Lundberg, Hanna Drakengren, Alexandra Pilakouris, Lina Lindkvist, Louise Jansson, Pia Brinkmann Stenhede, Tore Sunesson, Ulrika Davidsson, Hans Davidsson, Andreas Edlund, Erland Hildén, Despina Wiandse Moysidou, Sverker Jullander, Lars Storm, Helene Stensgård Larsson, Sabina Nilsson, Yvonne Carlsson

    ...and many more!

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    Hans Davidsson

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