Photo: Hanna Drakengren

  • Orgelkids SE


    As a new partner in the steadily growing network Orgelkids NL, the Göteborg Youth Organ Festival is happy to continue collaborating with, within the frame of the 2018 Göteborg International Organ Festival, its sister organisation Orgelkids SE, whose purpose is to promote interest in the organ among children and young people, within the frame of a well established international collaboration model.


    The Orgelkids DO-organ, comprising two stops and a compass of two octaves, can be assembled by five children in less than an hour. It is a pedagogical tool within an internationally tested concept for interactive learning, in which Orgelkids Netherlands, Orgelkids USA, Orgelkids Canada, Orgelkids, Belgium, Orgelkids UK, Orgelkids Germany, and now Orgelkids Sweden, participate.













    - For children aged 2–6 years, the Orgelkids DO-organ is well suited as an accompanying instrument to interactive organ fairy tales in pre-school.


    - For children aged 7–12, the Orgelkids DO-organ works excellently as a unifying group activity with themes such as teamwork, music history and history of mechanics.


    - For teenagers (13-17 years) the Orgelkids DO-organ works as a supporting tool in the subjects of technology and science, and of course music, especially in composing for a limited compass (two octaves).


    - For undergraduate students in music, the Orgelkids DO-organ is an excellent example of applied music theory; for students of pedagogy it can be studied as an engaging artefact, directly linked to a tradition of music and instrument building dating back to more than 2000 years ago.


    - For education programmes in music instrument building, the Orgelkids DO-organ helps reach out to new categories of applicants, providing immediate inspiration to the construction and creation of quite new instruments.
    For the education in crafts such as cabinet-making and ship-building, the Orgelkids DO-organ serves as a bridge for collaboration across the different trades.


    - During music festivals, the Orgelkids DO-organ can inspire musical discoveries, thanks to its capacity of engaging people of all ages. Building an organ in an hour together with five other people whom you haven’t met before is pleasurable and tactilely attractive, while also building a feeling of belonging.


    - In organ-building projects, the Orgelkids DO-organ contributes to the understanding among external partners and sponsors of how an organ functions, while also creating new relationships and trust.


    The Orgelkids DO-organ is an excellent contribution to a world of tactile passion and new sounds!